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West Holt Health Minitries is proud of our Nurses!!

Why give just a week to nurses?  We appreciate them every day!! The two RN's on the left (Kathy Davis) and on the right (Terri Mitchell) became Faith Community Nurses on April 25 with their pinning ceremony. inside to the left, Betsy Raymer RN who has been with WHHM since 2015; and inside to the right is Lura Goeke RN retired who started WHHM and the faith Community Nursing in Atkinson and the surrounding area.  Thank you to you all!!

West Holt Health Ministries to lead an 8 week program

  The West Holt Health Ministries invites you and your family to participate in the Road to Emmaus Walking and Wellness Program. 

In this program, which begins April 19th, we are invited to walk along the road to Emmaus. Each week of the 8-week program, participants are invited to set a walking or physical activity goal,

in addition to learning about different dimensions of health- physical, emotional, intellectual, social spiritual, vocational, and financial well being.  Each week, one of the program facilitators will email you providing encouragement and a reminder to turn in your weekly physical activity minutes.  

     To sign up for the program contact one of the programs facilitators (and also our Parish Nurses): Betsy Raymer 402-340-4123  Kathy Davis 402-340-9688  or Terri Mitchell 402-340-9641.  You can also download the program free at: 

     We hope you can join us!! Here's to your health!!

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