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Flower Selection


No matter what the circumstance, grief is a painful process.  Grief-share is a safe, welcoming place where people understand the difficult emotions of grief.  Terri Mitchell, Kathy Davis, Lura Goeke and Pastor Wayne Owens are leading Grief Share every Sunday for 13 weeks which started January 14th at the Presbyterian Church in Atkinson.  We appreciate them doing this for our community.

Food Pantry

The food pantry has been doing many things! We received many food donations in December.  The total amount donated in December was 759 pounds of food.  In January, we received donations of 396 pounds of food. Thank you!!

In November, we had our soup to go and it was a beautiful day for it!  Three different kinds of soup were offered.  Staff from West Holt Medical Facilities helped serve them.

In December, the Parish Nurses Kathy Davis and Betsy Raymer did diabetic surveys and handed out information on that and also on Medicaid.  We filled out a grant an received money and the plans are to get new storage shelving as this will replace the pallets we were using before, which will help our legs and backs when we are stocking!

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